One of the things we talk about a lot in the Hubs here in Hamilton is this notion of resident led projects. The idea is that when something comes out of a need in the community, it tends to have greater impact and greater likelihood of being sustained by the community than things that fall out of the sky whether we want them or not.

The impetus for the Heart of the Hammer Cafe came out of the Asset Mapping project at the South Sherman Hub. It started quickly and has built steadily with help, support and contributions from the community. Four months in, the people of the neighbourhood continue to sustain it.

Here on the website we try to keep you current about our Food and Beverage, News and Events, Featured Artists and Live Music. But there is a whole lot going on at the Heart of the Hammer that isn’t initiated by the cafe, things that are what you might call, resident-led projects. Activities include the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, the Book Club, the Running Club, The Neighbourhood Business Round Table, the Singles Games Night, the South Stipeley Neighbourhood Association meetings, office hours for the South Sherman Hub and more. To learn about or get in on these activities, the Facebook Group: Heart of the Hammer Cafe is where you want to look. See you there!