Here you will find information on events at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe. Some are run by us, some are run by neighbours.

Most are open to anyone. There is (generally) no cover charge. The details are subject to change based on the vagaries of human nature.

Book Club with Julie Gordon – 1st Tuesday of the Month at 7pm

RunningClub with Andrew, Andrew & Mike – Tuesdays at 6pm

Fresh Baked Cookies with Sandy Hoecht – Thursdays at 4pm

Live Music with Sarah Martin – Thursdays at 8pm, PWYC

Fifty-Cent French Press – Fridays until 10am

Happy Hour with Neighbours – Fridays from 5pm onward

Kid Crafters with Sarah Merritt – Saturdays at 9:30am

Tastings – with Michael Walther – Saturdays 7pm

Crepes Brunch – Sundays from 9am-2pm

Featured Artist – Each month we exhibit the work of a different featured artist


End of the World Party (Not!): December 21, 2012, All Day

Sprouty Things and Awe with Ana Borstad: April 15th 5pm

50 1st Cousins: April 2nd, 3pm onward

Beer Tasting with Igor: March 25th 7pm

South Stipeley Neighbourhood Association: February 23rd 7pm

High School Closures?: Discussion with SSCPT, February 16th 7pm