On Friday July 22, Happy Hour with Nieghbours takes on a new flavour. You have a chance to meet our featured artist for July, Nancy Benoy, you’ll have a chance to sample some of the finest craft beer in Ontario, compliments of Cameron’s Brewing and all of this to the swinging tunes of the Highnote Ramblers.

On the subject of craft beer, here is a well researched and well written piece from Raise the Hammer that all you craft beer lovers should read.

On the subject of great music, here‘s what one person wrote after the Highnote Ramblers’ last visit to the Heart of the Hammer.

Come on out for people, performers, paintings and perhaps a bevvie or two. I love it when it all comes together this way! See you on Friday.


Yes, it’s true. On Sunday May 8th from 9am to 2pm Chef Danielle will be working off the menu to bring you some original, delectable, treats for a Mother’s Day Brunch. Come early to get a seat. Bring your mother or bring someone else’s mother, but don’t bring Whistler’s Mother unless you intend to leaver her here!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Like the rest of your red-blooded, community-oriented neighbours, you probably dream of spending an intimate Valentines Brunch huddled over a hot drink with the smell of something chocolatey permeating the air amid the sound of… well… the rest of your neighbours?

Join us at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe on Sunday February 13th from 9am-2pm for Valentine Crepes with Chef Danielle. The menu includes ♥ Chicken Molé ♥ Roasted Tomato and Pepper Compote with Woolwich Chevre ♥ Spiced Pumpkin with Dark Chocolate ♥ Roasted Apple and White Chocolate with Toasted Almonds

Sundays just don’t get sweeter than that!

Cameron’s Auburn is rapidly becoming the favourite Craft Beer in Hamilton, if not the favourite beer altogether. Since we have only one tap at the cafe, that tap is reserved for the Auburn. When folks ask me what it tastes like I say things like “It’s my favourite” and “I didn’t like beer before I tried the Auburn”. Well, this wasn’t quite enough info for Anna and Carla so after they tried it, they wrote their own description and preserved it for posterity:

On Friday December 17th from 5-8pm you can sample the finest craft beer in Ontario and ask all the questions you want from the knowledgeable folks at Cameron’s Brewing.

Since graduating from Humber College’s culinary program Chef Danielle has worked in some of Ontario’s finest restaurants including Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Vineland Estates Winery, the Ancaster Old Mill, Compton and Greenland in Burlington and Tea at the Whitehouse in Waterdown as well as the Hamilton Golf and Country Club.

This Sunday you can enjoy crepes brunch by Chef Danielle from 9am-2pm at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe. For this special Sunday, reservations are recommended. Please call the cafe at 289-389-7137.

Culinary Philosophy and Influences

“My approach to cooking is one of simplicity.  If you have fresh, local, good quality ingredients cooking does not have to be complicated and fussy. The flavours of the ingredients will stand for themselves. Good food, when made well with love and shared with family and friends, feeds the body and nourishes the soul.

My Mum is an inspired, self-taught cook and loves to entertain.  Our house was always filled with lovely people enjoying food and wine and good conversation over more food and wine.  My Dad is a manic vegetable gardener and is still in search of the perfect potato variety that he left behind on his native island of Jersey.  It is from them that I developed my love of food and my philosophy about cooking.”

– Danielle Dingle

Today we tested the Sultry Summer Salsa on our asparagus crepes and visitors said “Keep this salsa!” Made from wholesome local goodness by Krista Harrington you can buy her “From These Roots” salsa and jams at the Ottawa Street Farmer’s Market on Fridays and Saturdays. Or, you can drop by the cafe this week for Toast Fest and try a selection of her sugar-free jams for breakfast; Wild Ginger & Pear; Apple-Strawberry; Black Currant; Maple-Rhubarb.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to buy a jar of your favourite to take home… more on that later…

Beanermunky Chocolates are now available at the Heart of the Hammer. We now carry a sampling of the myriad and magical creations of Lori Eisenberger, chocolatier extraordinaire. Lori’s Beanermunky Chocolate can be experienced en masse at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, but if you want a sneak preview, a little taste on the tongue of Carrot Cake Truffle or Sea-Salted Caramels, come by the cafe and have a look. Your eyes will say “Exquisite!” your mouth will say “Excuse me! I need five more!”

One of the challenges at the cafe is managing the volume of food and beverage, particularly while we are growing. The most challenging of all has been stocking the brownies from Angela’s Cakes. Twice now, the delivery box has emptied as she crossed the room with it. “I guess I’ll take more tomorrow,” I say in answer to her big smile and empty box. Should we get twice as much? Or twice as often? This reminds me of the incident of the Stealth Brownie Maneuver, but that’s another story…

Angela provides not only Chocolate Brownies but also surprise brownies with each order. Sometimes Chocolate Mint, Caramel or White Chocolate Pecan. To say nothing of the Biscotti. We’re a bit like Winners that way; something new every day.

At Angela’s Cakes, the specialty is, of course, cakes, and I can’t wait till we have enough people coming through to start ordering those. Check the Facebook Group for breaking news on daily deliveries.

People keep saying words can not describe, but really they can; Yum! Delicious! Exotic yet comforting. Somebody loves me!

We now have our daily Hot Pot supplied by Chef Danielle who’s interest is in special diets like celiac and diabetes. If these daily specials had a theme, I would call it “It is what it is” embodying wholesome, natural goodness; the Beef Chili is just that, no hidden tofu; the Curried Cauliflower has no hidden chicken stock. It is what it is. They are low sodium, no preservatives.

Last week’s menu was Mushroom Barley Soup, Fresh Green Pea and Roasted Garlic Soup, Carrot Coriander Soup, Beef Chili, Curried Cauliflower & Apple Soup.

Can’t wait to see what Danielle has in store for us next week! Check the Facebook Group for regular updates.

Free espresso-based beverages after 8pm. (Dine-in only)

Come pay us a visit!