Last Hurragh at the Heart of the Hammer


The Heart of the Hammer Cafe is moving.

After two years of living through the story arcs of many of you, the Heart of the Hammer is now taking a curve in its own story. After several notions to expand/grow/replicate the cafe, it turns out it is the project aspect that needs to grow so we are expanding into a larger space to accommodate not only the cafe but a Centre for Social Enterprise where we will work on making some of our dreams into sustainable features of our community.

Friday September 16th is the last day in our King St location so join us for the Last Hurragh. Open House all day: drop in to visit with friends and neighbours, tell stories, reminisce, eat, drink and be jolly.

Thanks to each of you who has been part of this adventure, another chapter in Learning Things the Hard Way. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.



3 Responses to “Last Hurragh at the Heart of the Hammer”

  1. Jim Rooney Says:

    Sorry to hear that Rebecca.
    All the best, have fun and we’ll see in your new space. Time for Cask Night Re-Appearance?

  2. Heather Says:

    Where is your new location??

  3. Rebecca Doll Says:

    Ottawa Street North, across from the Tim Horton’s.

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