Joan Krygsman – Featured Artist – August 2011, Heart of the Hammer Cafe


Innocence and misery combine in the work of Joan Krygsman, whose art will be on exhibit at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe to the end of August,  2011. You can meet the artist on the evening of Wednesday, August 3rd, amid bold colours, stripes and a sense that Crayola is alive and well among professional artists.

Trained at the Ontario College of Art and Design, it was life with a two year old that inspired her most beloved work; a series of children and animals done in non-toxic markers. While these creatures live firmly in the cartoonish realm, the emotions they portray and elicit are firmly rooted in the mysteries and miseries of childhood: the alone-ness and the directness amid vibrant colours dare you to remember your own youth. They are a poignant reminder that while life isn’t a bed of roses, it is delightfully full of colour, stripes and sometimes aardvarks.


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