Bri-anne Swan at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe


Sometimes history walks into the same room as you, and you know it immediately; there’s a hushed and reverent feeling, perhaps awe. And sometimes you find yourself in the same room as the future and it’s very, very different. It’s electrifying. It gets your heart racing and makes you say “I want to be part of that, I want people to know I was part of that!”

This Thursday, May 5th, you can experience both at the same time when Bri-anne Swan plays Leonard Cohen at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe. 8pm. PWYC. Come early to get a seat or to get dibs on the gluten-free beer.

Swan’s powerful and evocotive take…would give [Gordon] Lightfoot a run for his money.
Artsforum Magazine

A voice sweet as a kiss from an eyelash…and just as seductive.
The Vinyl Experience

Swan has not only amazed with her insight, but her angelic voice and wonderful songs let you know that she is just full of magic.

Delightfully rich, versatile sining…this woman has huge power in her lungs and is also able to sing as sweetly as any songbird.
TO-nite Magazine


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