Fridge Art: Naomi Martin Exhibit at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe


Naomi Martin has been creating art for longer than she can remember. At the age of three, in order to raise money for orphans in Africa, she initiated a “Colouring Recital” where adults and children can make art in different media. Coinciding with her 4th annual Coloring Recital, Naomi’s own art will be on exhibit at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe, including pottery and a series of self-portraits.

Drop by the cafe before the end of February to support a local emerging artist, and if you fancy making art yourself, swing by her Colouring Recital on Saturday February 12th from 9am-12noon at Ryerson United Church, 842 Main Street E, Hamilton On. This year’s recital features live music by Kori Pop, Crystal Niemi and Amy Savin with visual arts by you, and the many other folks who are inspired by this young artist.



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