Helen Rudin Pottery at the Heart of the Hammer


“If you believe in the human spirit, that food cooked with love tastes better, that a hand knit sweater is cozier than a store bought one, that stories are important and that living consciously is important, then a hand made object is for you.

When you buy one of my pieces, you are taking over a story that starts with me; the maker.  I’m the mother of 5 year old twins, I’m a ceramic artist, and I’m the editor of FUSION: A Magazine for Clay and Glass.  In a nutshell, I make stuff, I edit stuff, and I look after two little people; not always in that order.

The story continues when you take one of my pieces home with you.  You develop an intimate relationship with the object; the mug, for example, touches your lips every morning (noon, and night, for some).  Because of this, each piece is created with thought and feeling.  Consideration is given to how the handle and the mug feel in your hand. Or when I make a vase, the design is influenced by the type of flower that it might hold.

When I’m making things out of clay the magical moment occurs when I crack open the kiln and see what my work has become in the transformative environment of extreme heat; it’s a bit like alchemy.  The pieces come out warm to the touch and tinkling in the cooler air, like Christmas ornaments.  There are always surprises, both good and bad, and I am always excited to see what emerges.  I really love making things out of clay.

From my hands to yours, I feel that a hand made object enhances the human connection.  Each piece is precious because each piece is unique and has its own personality, separate from all others…a bit like us.”

– Helen Rudin

Helen Rudin Pottery at the Heart of the Hammer, November 2010


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