Evan Orme’s “Tsukuba” at the Heart of the Hammer


Evan Orme received his Bachelor of Arts from Redeemer University College in 2010 majoring in Visual Arts and English. Evan is originally from Orangeville, Ontario, and has lived in Hamilton for the past three years. Evan is currently finishing his Bachelor of Education at Redeemer and plans to pursue a Master degree in Canadian art history.

“Tsukuba” represents the transformation from being isolated and alone to being surrounded by a loving and accepting community. Though Tsukuba is the name of a place in Japan where Evan underwent a transformative experience, I have a feeling this word is going to find its way into our vocabulary to describe that transition from alone to gathered.

You too can experience Tsukuba through Evan’s art at the Heart of the Hammer until the end of October, 2010.


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