Angela’s Cakes at the Heart of the Hammer


One of the challenges at the cafe is managing the volume of food and beverage, particularly while we are growing. The most challenging of all has been stocking the brownies from Angela’s Cakes. Twice now, the delivery box has emptied as she crossed the room with it. “I guess I’ll take more tomorrow,” I say in answer to her big smile and empty box. Should we get twice as much? Or twice as often? This reminds me of the incident of the Stealth Brownie Maneuver, but that’s another story…

Angela provides not only Chocolate Brownies but also surprise brownies with each order. Sometimes Chocolate Mint, Caramel or White Chocolate Pecan. To say nothing of the Biscotti. We’re a bit like Winners that way; something new every day.

At Angela’s Cakes, the specialty is, of course, cakes, and I can’t wait till we have enough people coming through to start ordering those. Check the Facebook Group for breaking news on daily deliveries.


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