We need a sign!


If you’ve been to the Heart of the Hammer Cafe we are so thankful that you found us! Unfortunately, we have heard numerous stories of people wanting to check us out and circling the block hoping to glimpse our little sign. We are so thankful to Andrew for making our current sign, but we really need to replace the large Apollo sports bar sign with one that lets people know we’re here.
I have committed to donate my tips to the sign fund because I think this is really important. Obviously, you can chip in by tipping me as I serve you, but you can also get involved by joining our “design the sign” contest.
If you have an idea for our new sign, you can email it to heartofthehammercafe@yahoo.ca or drop it off at the cafe. Our one hint is that we prefer heart imagery to tool imagery – our Hammer means Hamilton.
We are going to take your submissions until Friday, April 9th and then we will choose the winner.
Help us make the Heart of the Hammer visible to people in our neighbourhood and beyond.


3 Responses to “We need a sign!”

  1. dave Says:

    will the winner of the competition be compensated for the design work?

  2. Rebecca Doll Says:

    Sorry, the only compensation is bragging rights 🙂

  3. Paul V Says:

    Hi Rebecca, just settled into a house next door, will definately drop by for a drink. Good news on the new sign. Cheers

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