Shelley Adams Plays the Heart of the Hammer February 25th


Some of you may be aware that I am just not on top of things here without Sarah. So when Shelley Adams walked into the cafe to scope it out ahead of her show and said, “Hey, I’m Shelley Adams” and I replied, “Hi, I’m Rebecca Doll”, well, she could tell by the friendly but nonspecific look on by face that there was probably a back-story here. “I’m playing here next Thursday,” she offered. “Ohhhhhh!”

Shelley is the soul of cool and I will be here to see her show on Thursday and I hope the die-hard Shelley fans come early cause we’re a small outfit. She’s playing here on Thursday February 25th at 8pm, no cover. If you’re a first timer to the Heart of the Hammer please come and say hey cause it takes me a while to get all the names straight.

For more about Shelley and her gang, look here:


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