Ania Ziemirska, live at the Heart of the Hammer


Thursday February 18, 8pm

About Ania Ziemirska, Singer Songwriter

Ania Ziemirska has been involved with music for as long as she can remember. At age twelve, she was one of twenty selected to sing at the Gemini Awards with Cedric Smith and Sarah Polley. Playing classical piano since age ten, as well as being involved in choirs and band in high school has given Ania a strong foundation and understanding of music. Somewhere in between, she picked up a beat-up guitar at a garage sale and taught herself how to play. A poet for decades, Ania has been songwriting for about ten years but it was only about two years ago that she realized songwriting is something she can’t live without. After many years of piano and flute recitals, she finally graced the stage of the Sorauren Park Festival at the age of eighteen as part of a duo with her sister. Since then, Ania has played stages at the Cameron House and Hugh’s Room, among other venues in Toronto. Currently in studio working on her long overdue debut EP, I Was The Girl, Ania hopes to continue to warm her way into people’s hearts. Often compared to Chrissie Hynde singing the Beatles or Gordon Lightfoot with a Joni Mitchell range, Ania’s “whiskey and honey voice” can be heard regularly at Parkdale’s wine bar, Café Taste.


“That was lovely” – Gordon Lightfoot after hearing Ania perform

“Be warned: this girl is armed with lyrics and she’s not afraid to use them … ”
Bob Reid
Co-Host, CFRB’s “Rock Talk”


One Response to “Ania Ziemirska, live at the Heart of the Hammer”

  1. Ania Says:

    With Darren Eedens and Rob Rush!

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