Featured Artist – January 2010


Gail McGinnis

Currently residing in Hamilton, Gail McGinnis grew up in a small village in south-western Ontario and received her first camera at the age of 11.  Since that time she has taken many photographs of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.

Gail has resided in several cities and provinces and has a particular passion for photographing historical buildings and landscapes near bodies of water.  Many of her pieces feature a keen eye for natural and architectural detail.

She studied Interior Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and Graphic Arts and Photography at Mohawk College here in Hamilton.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the Maritime Provinces and the Hamilton Area including the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Theatre Aquarius, Arts Hamilton, Hamilton Artist Ink, and Gallery on 4.

“I make it my mission to show Hamiltonians and visitors to our city the many beautiful historical buildings, gardens and waterfront trails.  We are now also known as the city of waterfalls, many of which I have photographed and have in my collection.”

Gail McGinnis, Hamilton, Ontario


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