Re-opening soon!

Specialty coffees, gourmet sweets.

Craft beer, select wines.

Fine fare & fine arts.

♥♥♥ Stay tuned for updates on our re-opening progress ♥♥♥


6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Gail Says:

    Hi Rebecca
    Nice site, you may want to put a map on it so it is easier to find. Good Luck, Gail

  2. Paul Says:


    Thanks for opening such a great place in the neighbourhood. Love the Hot Chocolate on cold days :).

  3. Jim Says:

    Hey Rebecca! I’ve been meaning to stop in again. Are you closer to the licence?
    Looks like you have good feedback from the neighbourhood. I will come back soon. Missed you at Cask Night.

  4. Keegan Lodder Says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    I hope things are going well,

    I am Keegan Lodder,
    I believe you are a friend of my sister’s, that sister being Justine,

    I really like the idea of your cafe it sounds really cool and chill, Although I have not been there I am quite sure I am going to check it out

    I want to inquire of you if you had room for any musical performances at the moment,
    I am playing my first wedding this summer and I am looking for an opportunity to put my set to the test.
    Justine had told me about your cafe and I really liked the idea and thought I would give it a shot,
    oh, and I am an acoustic guitarist.

    anyways, thank you for your time,
    enjoy the beautiful weather!

    Keegan Lodder

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